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Get the first and only iPhone application built specifically for Mountain Biking.

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Keep an eye out on the App Store Version 2.0 will be available in April 2010!!!

The MountainBike application is built by mountain bikers for mountain bikers. We have compiled detailed directions to thousands of trails all over the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom and will continue to add to the list with every new version. So far there are nearly 7,000 trails in our database that detail over 50,000 miles of trails. You will discover new trails in your area and be able to easily locate hard-to-find trailheads when you’re in unfamiliar areas. Anyone who has ever tried to find a trail knows how difficult it can be – confusing directions, endless calls to the bike shop, scouring maps, and waiting for the local shop to open. MountainBike will get the information you need to get you out riding fast. You may even discover new mountain biking trails in your area that you didn’t even know about.

Current Features – Instantly discover trails near you with the simple click of a button – Search trails by name or location – Find out if the trail is suited for you by browsing the Skill Levels – Utilize the familiar Google Maps interface – Access our database of over 7,000 trails (and GROWING). There are over 50,000 miles of trails now at your finger tips – Get detailed GPS directions directly to the trail of your choice

Whats Next Our friends have begged us to release this app so they can all start using it, now that it is out we will keep updates coming to add new features and new trails to keep you riding and launching the app every time you ride. Help us continue to grow trail information by submitting trail data.

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